About OUR team

The University of Richmond Equestrian Team is a Championship-tier Co-ed Sports Club, sanctioned and partially funded by the University. The team is made up of about 20 members who come from a wide range of majors, backgrounds, and skill levels. Due to the various levels of experience members compete in IHSA shows, which allows riders to compete in select divisions ranging from Introductory to Open.

The team is run by members who are elected into leadership positions at the end of the fall semester and they serve for a year. Being a student-led organization allows our members to actively engage in nearly every aspect of the team. Meetings are held on a monthly basis and activities (such as participation in on-campus events) are organized outside of lessons and shows.

The goal of the team is to foster an environment where horsemanship skills are improved, friendships are formed, and honor and integrity are upheld.

Meet 2022 LeadersHIP


Name: Annie Szczepanik

Year: Sophomore

Hometown:  Largo, FL

IHSA Division: Limit

Major: Health Studies   

Fun Fact: When Annie isn't riding horses, she works on cars

Vice President

Name: Mary Beatty

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Guilford, CT

IHSA Division: Limit

Major: Communications

Fun Fact: Mary has three dogs


Name: Sarah Butler

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Salisbury, MD

IHSA Division: Limit

Major: History

Fun Fact: Sarah likes horses

Communications Coordinator

Name: Penny Armenio

Year: Junior

Hometown: Rehoboth, MA

IHSA Division: Limit

Major: Business

Fun Fact: Penny is a vegan